Thursday, March 5, 2015

ReptileFest The Nation's Largest Educational Reptile and Amphibian Show

  The Nations Largest Educational Reptile
and Amphibian Show

See and touch hundreds of reptiles and amphibians from around the world
40,000 square feet of exhibits, vendors, and games
Support conservation projects
Climb into a tortoise pen
Have your photo taken with a large reptile
Learn about reptiles and amphibians in your backyard and beyond
Talk about herp health with a veterinarian
Purchase preferred pet products, t-shirts, and jewelry.

April 11-12, 2015

901 W Roosevelt Rd

Chicago, IL 60608

Check out the links below event schedules and more info!

Admission: $10 ages 12 and over
      $7 ages 3-11
    Children under 3 yrs old FREE 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Registration is KEY when it comes to your pet's MICROCHIP

        Having a microchip isn't enough- registration is key!
Capitol Illini enjoys sharing Microchip Success Stories with our clients. There is nothing better than the heart-warming stories of families and pets being reunited  thanks to a microchip!  Unfortunately, not all pets are this lucky. Time after time  pets are scanned, microchips are found, but the chip was never registered.  Having a microchip isn't enough- registration is key! Make sure to keep your contact information up to date whenever you move or change phone numbers. Registering and updating microchips is a quick and easy thing to do via phone or internet.  A microchip works forever if pet owners update information as needed. Give your lost pet the best chance to get home fast.
For less than $50.00 you can get your pet microchipped and registered through Capitol Illini Veterinary Services with HomeAgain, a Pet Database committed to protecting and returning your lost pet. Dog and cat microchipping is a simple procedure. A veterinarian injects a microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, beneath the surface of your pets skin between the shoulder blades. The process is similar to a routine shot and takes only a few seconds, no anesthetic is required.
Unsure if your pet is chipped? Bring them in for a free microchip scan today. Know they’re chipped, but unsure of registration status? Ask us how to find out.
If you know your pet is not chipped, don’t wait. Get them chipped today!